The revolt of 1857 was an uncontrolled rebellion against the rule of British east India Company in India. It is also known as India’s First war of independence. The soldiers from Punjab supported the Company. Some Muslims also supported British. On the other hand, Rest states had actively participated in the revolt of 1857 against British rule. The rebellions called Bahadur shah second as the emperor of India. The main Centre of the revolt of 1857 was Delhi. Let’s see some of its important incidents included in the Fact file.

Date: 10th May 1857- 20 June 1858

Location: India


  • Lucknow: Begum Hazirat Mahal
  • Delhi: Bahadur Shah second and Bhakt Khan.
  • Jhansi: Rani Laxmibai
  • Peshwa: Nana Sahib (adopted Son of last pesewa Baji Rao second).

Important Points:

Cause of the revolt of 1857:

  • Doctrine of lapse introduced by Lord Dalhousie.
  • Under it, areas belonging to the ruler become the property of Company after his/her death. It also refused to recognize the adopted children of princess as legal heir.
  • At that time, Lord Dalhousie was the governor general of India.

Consequence of the revolt of 1857:

  • Mugal Emperor Bahadur shah second sent to Rangoon and was killed by Lt. Hodson.
  • John Nicholson recaptured Delhi after the revolt of 1857.
  • Neill recapture Banaras and Allahabad after the revolt of 1857.
  • Lucknow and Bareilly were reoccupied by Campbell.
  • Lord Dalhousie abolished the titles of Carnatic Nawab and Raja of Tanjore, also refused pension to name Saheb.

Result of the revolt of 1857:

  • Victory of British
  • End of Mugal Empire
  • End of company rule
  • Transfer of rule to British crown

Parliament act of 1858:

  1. East India Company abolished.
  2. Replacement of the governor General of India as viceroy.
  3. Secretary of state was responsible for administration.
  4. Charles wood was appointed as the first secretary of India.

Book related to the revolt of 1857:

The Indian war of independence was written by VD savarkar. He also called revolt of 1857 as the first war of independence. In 1859, Sir syed Ahmad khan published the book that was based on the cause of the revolt of 1857.

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