Satyagraha in India: Satyagraha in India promoted the feeling of nationalism among Indians. Hence Indian national movements converted into a mass agitation under the non-violence process of Mahatma Gandhi. In India, the growth of modern nationalism is profoundly associated to the anti-colonial movement. People began discovering their unity in the process of their battle with British. The sense of being ignored under colonialism tied many groups together. In 1920, Mass processions on the streets became a common feature during a national movement. Different groups had actively participated in the movement. They sought in anger to develop the National movements. So this was the scene behind Satyagraha in India. Have a look and clear your concept.

What is Satyagraha?    

The idea of satyagrahi emphasized the power of truth and need to search for truth. It suggested that if the cause was true, then physical forces was not compulsory to fight the dictator/oppressor. Without being aggressive, a satyagrahi could win the battle through Non-Violence.

Satyagraha in India:

Satyagraha in India
Satyagraha in India

Gandhi returned to India in January 1915. He had successfully fought the biased regime with a novel method of mass provocation, called Satyagraha. After arriving India Mahatma Gandhi successfully arranged Satyagraha movement in the various part of India. In 1916, he travelled to champaran in Bihar to inspire the peasants. They were struggling against the harsh plantation system. Then in 1917, he organized satyagrah to support the peasants of kheda district of Gujarat. Affected by crop failure and plague epidemic, the peasants of kheda could not pay the revenue. Hence they were demanding that revenue collection to be relaxed.

In1918, Mahatma Gandhi moved to Allahabad to organize as Satyagraha movement among cotton mill workers. Later many other national movements led by Mahatma Gandhi which includes Non-cooperation movement, Salt March and Civil disobedient movement. We will discuss about these topics in our next article.

Affect of Satyagraha in India:

Mahatma Gandhi believed that this dharma of non violence could unite all Indians. He achieved success in organizing Satyagraha in India and whole India supported him.

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