Mitra shakti 2015: India-Sri Lanka joint Military practice

Mitra Shakti 2015” is the joint military exercise signed between India and Sri Lanka. His program was inaugurated at Aundh Military station in Pune, Maharashtra. More than 42 Indian army personnel are taking part in this programme. Mitra Shakti 2015 is third joint Military exercise between India and Sri Lanka.

Key highlights: Mitra Shakti 2015

  • Mitra Shakti 2015 launched with the aim to share best military practices between two Nations.
  • Along with this, it also seeks to develop Joint strategies between India and Sri Lanka. To make it success they will share best military expertise to conduct operations.
  • Moreover it will promote healthy military relation between India and Sri Lanka.
  • The exercise is planned for 14 days. Mitra Shakti will enhance the confidence and trust between the two militaries. Final tactical exercise is schedule to be held on 10 and 11 October 2015.
  • Its aim to utilize the rich reservoir of experience of each other.
  • Mitra Shakti 2015 will also try to extract maximum learning value from this joint exercise.
  • In the past, both countries have already signed different security programs to enhance security between two nations. India has supplied two warships’, air-defense radars, 10 mine protected vehicles, 24 battle field surveillances and other weaponry to Sri Lanka.
  • Also in 2011, India and Sri Lanka had signed Joint Naval Military exercise, named SLINEX-11. It included 16 warships, the new stealth frigate INS shivalik, a Rajput Class destroyer and missile corvette. These are presented by India. And Sri Lanka disclosed two large off shore petrol vessels, two fast gun boats and six fast attack craft.

Conclusion: Mitra Shakti 2015 

We should not forget that Mitra Shakti 2015 will reconsolidate joint understanding and respect for each other. India’s political relation with Sri Lanka may face rough situations but its defense ties would extend through Joint training. Political issue won’t affect Mitra Shakti 2015. It is important to justify the value of peace, prosperity and stability in the region.


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