Indian Constitution


The Constitution of India

Part I- The union and its territory

Part II- Citizenship

Part III- Fundamental Rights

Part IV- Directive principles of State Policy

Part IV A- Fundamental Duties

Part V- The Union

  1. Chapter 1: The President of India ( Executive Power , Election, Qualification)
  2. Chapter 2: The Vice President of India


Part VI- The States

Part VII- The state in Part B of the first schedule

Part VIII- The Union Territories

Part IX- The Panchayat

Part IX-A – The Municipalities

Part IX- B- The co-operative societies

Part X- The scheduled and tribal area

Part XI- Relation between union and state

Part XII- Finance, Property, Contracts, Suits

Part XIII- Trade, commerce, and intercourse within the territory of India

Part XIV- Services under the union and states



The Constitution of India