The reserved categories (i.e. SC, ST& OBC) UPSC aspirants’ results poorly compared to the general category aspirants in the Civil Services Examination. This has been found in both the stages (written and interview) of the examination.

Last Four Years UPSC Exam’s Test Analysis Report

According to 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015’s marks analysis reports. It has been found that ST candidates are better than candidates from SC category. Sometimes, they also performed better than OBCs. This analysis is found solely in the interview round in UPSC parlance.


Written Test Analysis Report in UPSC

The final rankings of the UPSC examinations are based on candidates’ aggregate marks in Written as well as Personality Test. In 2012, highest marks obtained by candidates in the written has been 1800 and 300 in the interview. In 2013, these numbers came down to 1750 and 275. In the year 2015, successful candidates’ average marks were found 729 in the UPSC written exam in general category. 739, a little less from 2015, were found in 2014. But in 2013, a significantly lower marks record (629) has been found among successful candidates. In 2012, the average marks of successful candidates were higher i.e. 786.

Average marks of selected candidates in Civil Services Exam (Written & Interview)

2012 2013 2014 2015
Selected candidates Avg. Marks in Written Avg. Marks in Interview Selected candidates Avg. Marks in Written Avg. Marks in Interview Selected Candidates Avg. Marks in Written Avg. Marks in Interview Selected Candidates Avg. Marks in Written Avg. Marks in Interview
General 457 786 191 517 629 180 590 739 177 499 729 171
OBC 295 775 179 326 607 169 354 708 171 314 698 165
SC 169 724 171 187 586 167 194 697 167 176 681 163
ST 77 740 180 92 572 168 98 676 170 89 672 162

In these years, successful candidates’ average marks from the general category in the written test were 775,607,708 and 698 respectively.

ST candidates got 724,586,697 and 681 of average marks in these years whereas SCs got 740,572,676 and 672 average marks respectively.

Personality Test Analysis Report in UPSC

When it comes to the Personality Test, a likable pattern was seen during the analysis. The general category candidates got average marks of 191, 180, 177 and 171 in 2012, 13, 14 and in 2015 respectively.

Following the same sequence of years, candidates from OBC category got 179, 169, 171 and 165 in the same examination. ST candidates got average marks of 180, 168, 170 and 162 in 2012, 13, 14 and 2015.

The separate cut-off list is therefore arranged for each candidate from reserved categories, but it does matter for a candidate to do well enough so that he/she could rank top among 90 overall. Getting lower marks in the interview round will pull down the rank and the candidate will lose the opportunity to be deemed as a general category during the allocation of cadre and service of their 1st choice.

Results in UPSC

Four candidates from SC and 9 from OBC have successfully made to reach the Top-90 rank in 2015. Unfortunately, no candidates from ST had made it in the same year. In 2014, 1 from ST, 2 from SC and 11 candidates from OBC got among the Top-90. 13 OBC candidates and 77 candidates from general category were among the Top-90 in 2013. But in 2012, there were only 1 ST, 2 SCs, and 19 OBCs.

A candidate has to score 165 out of 275 marks in the Personality Test (60%) to be considered as good. In 2015, 66.33% candidates from general category among the selected candidates have crossed this threshold whereas 50.56% SCs and 55.10% OBCs have only considered as Good. ST candidates couldn’t able to score the goal in 2015.     

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