Cause of American Revolution : The American Revolution was the political disruption in the middle of the 18th century. It took place between 1765 and 1783. In this revolution, 13 colonies and North America joined together to break away from the British Empire. They rejected British monarchy and aristocracy. It is said to be the outcome of a series of Social, political and intellectual transformation in early American Society .

Cause of American Revolution:

The French and Indian war:

America was under control of British’s rule for so long because of protection from French. But once conflict started between French, British and their native American allies, America got chance and from here planning for independence had started. The war continued from 1754 to 1763 and thus threatened the British Empire. The main reason of conflict was over the control of land.

Black Death:

Black Death (Plague) was one of the most highly destructive pandemics in history, which occurred in the 1300’s and abolished 30-60% of the population. This incident forced people to deal with problem themselves. The black death was an extremely powerful movement to the American Revolution because people learnt to take matters into their own hands.

Awareness: American felt that they deserve equal rights with Englishmen

American sought for equal rights before British authority and rejected parliament’s authority of Britain to rule them without any representation. They expelled all royal officials. English believed that they are superior and because of this they didn’t allow them to participate in the governing of their own country.

Intolerable acts:

The Sugar Act (1764):

The sugar was revenue raising act that put three-cent tax on sugar and increased taxes on coffee, indigo and certain wines. However it affected only some members of colonial people.

The stamp act (1765):

The stamp act affected the entire America under British Empire .This act forced Americans to pay tax on all publications (Newspaper, pamphlets, legal documents) they use, cause disappointment.

Townshend Acts (1767):

Series of taxes on lead, paints, glass, paper and tea forced colonist to come out with violent protest, which was significant. inally revolution broke out and ended with the defeat of British’s illegal supremacy. The American  Revolution created impact in the world history and it helped to establish American financial system. This revolution inspired many.

 These all incidents forced Americans to sought for independence and finally  revolution broke out.

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