As the Civil Services Exam (Mains) are on the head for the candidates, here is 2016 Sample GS Paper for helping them. The exam is scheduled to be held on 3rd of December this year in several venues throughout India. The selected candidates will thereby be recruited as the officers of prestigious Indian Administrative Services (IAS).


2016 Sample GS paper for sharpening students’ preparation

Note: All of the given questions below are to be answered within 200 words limit. Each of them will be carrying 20 marks

  1. Analyze the possibility of the National Infrastructure Investment Fund (NIIF) critically to be a suitable investment medium for funding the commercially viable brownfield, Greenfield, and stalled projects.
  2. Explain ‘The aviation sector has been a victim of its own policies’. The Civil Aviation Policy has been declared to offer stimulus to unite the unconnected. What are the major proposals of this policy analyze critically?
  3. What are the major challenges in the objective of doubling the income of farmers by 2022? Discuss the steps taken in brief to deal with the supply chain management with respect to middle mile challenge in the agriculture sector.
  4. Disinvestment might be a major source of non-tax revenue. The proceeds of the same can be used to back the capital expenditure in crucial sectors such as infrastructure. However, the government fails to meet the target in recent years. Analyze the disinvestment policy critically and comment on the factors those are a barrier to achieving targets.
  5. With growing scarcity of water levels and resultant declining agricultural productivity, water management efficiency hedges the risk posted by seasonal externalities. Discuss the necessary steps being taken in this matter.
  6. The climate change has become an important topic of discussion and is putting momentum on automobile sector to innovate. What are the alternate sources to fuel available? Will it replace the conventional fuel vehicles? What the challenges will be?
  7. Give a brief discussion about the IPR policy of India along with its implications for the pharmaceutical industry?
  8. India has a new aircraft in the house named as INS Vikramaditya for enhancing the blue water capabilities of India. What do you comprehend by Blue Water Navy? Is it an efficient counter threat to China’s naval assertion? Explain how?
  9. Should India include Right to Health in its fundamental rights and how the private healthcare sector should be expanded by means of it?
  10. Explain Lagrange point and its relation to the mission of ISRO? What are the possible accomplishments of this mission to the Sun? What is the justification of such a mission in a developing country like India while the nation is fighting basic issues like- malnutrition?

Note: Comment on the following within 50 words each: 5×10= 50

  1. SE4ALL program
  2. Sustainable Design
  3. Dark Fermentation
  4. MERS infection
  6. inSight Mission
  7. Air Independent Propulsion System (AIP)
  8. Hyogo Framework for Action (the HFA)
  9. Hub and Spoke Model Mega Food Parks
  10. Smart Grid

Last Words

The Civil Services Exam is on head and students are gearing up for the exam at full pace. In such scenario, having 2016 sample GS paper for practice will help you for sure. Keep visiting to get more updates on Union Public Service Commission. Will post more samples for different papers? Stay focused to get them and practice more. Good Luck!

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